TOSCON15: A Solo Conference Experience

This year, I’ve been lucky enough to develop an excellent research partnership with my friend Kyle Talbot. We gave two presentations at the Technology for Second Language Learning conference in Ames in September, and we presented on grit and language learning at MIDTESOL in October. It’s great to research and present with a respected colleague.

Remember my last post, where I said that students probably mock me by waving their hands around as they talk? Well, here’s a super-attractive photo of our poster presentation at TSLL, which I think proves that point:


Source: TSLL Facebook. Click photo to access.

This May, however, we’ll be going our separate ways to present at different conferences. He’ll be presenting at a positive psychology in language learning conference in Poland, while I’ll be making my way to Toronto for TOSCON15, where I will present on Maximizing Vocabulary Instruction Through Screencasts.

Screencasting is a technology that is often used to respond to students’ writing. In addition, I have found it very useful in delivering explicit vocabulary instruction outside of class, freeing up time for productive, critical-thinking-based vocabulary tasks in the classroom. Students’ responses to this method have been positive.

My presentation will draw on original action research that I completed for my master’s research paper at the University of Northern Iowa, entitled “Critical Thinking Tasks and Second Language Vocabulary Learning.” I will suggest that vocabulary screencasts promote noticing of all dimensions of word knowledge as defined by Nation and, as such, provide a good starting point for an exploration of the deep meaning and practical use of lexical items and chunks in English classrooms. I plan to publish a screencast (whoa!) of my presentation, as well as sample vocabulary screencasts, on this very blog when my presentation is all ready to go, so stay tuned.

All of this is just to say that this morning, I saw the conference schedule and became very excited about the upcoming experience. I also became overwhelmed at the prospect of having to choose which sessions to attend. Check out this massive schedule, and if you’re going to be in Toronto May 22 and 23, stop on by! Which sessions would you be interested in reading about on this blog? Let me know in the comments!


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