Well Done! Wednesday #1

This is the first of a series of video posts in which I discuss things that have gone well in my teaching. Let’s celebrate our successes! And yes, they will be posted on Wednesdays because I have an awful affinity for alliteration.

In this video, my lovely assistant MS Paint helps me illustrate a metaphor for sentence structure that seemed to work in my high-intermediate writing class today. (Might I suggest full screen? You’ll figure out why when I start typing in tiny font…whoops, gave it away!)

For information about Jeremy Harmer‘s talk at TOSCON, go here.

I would love to hear what has gone well in your teaching lately. Consider this your permission to brag on yourself! If you feel so moved, please feel free to share your own Well Done! Wednesday videos or written posts on your blogs and let me know about them in the comments section for this post.

P.S. This is not my only video on WordPress! Check out T. Veigga’s blog for a recap of his TOSCON experience, featuring a quick video about my screencasting presentation. Follow his blog for his video series, ELT TV and thoughtful commentary on numerous issues in ELT.

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